New Year, New Weapons- War on Purpose

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7 Responses

  1. Happy New Year! This was such an inspirational post. And to answer your question, I’m always ready. I believe God is speaking to me as well. Because the changes that have been occurring in my life are forcing me to level up. Continue to encourage others!

  2. Ashtyn says:

    I love this! 2017 was definitely the year of new levels and new devils.

  3. Aitza B says:

    2017 was definitely the beginning of my battle and it looks like it’s carrying over into 2018. Just have to trust in God and push forward.

  4. Tomi C says:

    My blog is a therapy of sorts also. Here’s wishing you a year of prosperity and grace. 2018 is our year to shine, shine, shine. ‪#BLMGirl

  5. Last year was a challenging year. It made sure that you grew to the place God needed you to be. 2018 is going to an open heaven and I am so excited to what God will do.

  6. Amazing post! I really liked the section about the gravity of the pull. Keep being awesome sis! #BLMgirl

  7. April Grant says:

    2017 was a year of me coming into my own. I am very excited about 2018 to keep moving and grow in God. #BLMGirl

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