About Me

Hey y’all, I’m Tiffany. Welcome to my blog!


A little about who I am and why I’m here:

I am a writer and licensed therapist with a passion for personal development. I am also a graduate of many life experiences which has aided me in the process of becoming my authentic self. As a thirty-something divorced mom of a three year old, I can truly attest to being hit hard by life. I can also admit that much of my suffering was a result of MY choices. It was this realization and sense of clarity that changed everything for me! Funny thing is, I didn’t realize how lost I was for a long time (denial at its finest) until I found myself starting over, forced to confront my truth. Once I began to reinvent myself and settle into my “new life”, I could feel God’s presence like never before. He was ordering my steps and revealing His call on my life which led to the birth of wordsbytiffanyrae.

We have all gone through something and we all have our struggles, that’s life! The problem is that sometimes we allow ourselves to become stuck, not realizing the burdens and baggage that we’ve been carrying, which causes barriers to our future. I have witnessed this first hand through my work with children and families over the past twelve years; how deep, unresolved wounds can truly take a toll on one’s mental/emotional health. My intention for this blog is to create an atmosphere for honest self-reflection which is where I believe the path to healing begins. I am simply a facilitator hoping to shed light on the topics that we do not discuss enough in a way that is supportive and empowering. I want to build a dope tribe, a community of brave souls who refuse to settle for an average existence! We are all connected and we need each other. Please join me on this journey to the life we all deserve….your future awaits!